Telangana State Climate Change Center (TSCCC)

Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI) is a nodal agency for combined Andhra Pradesh (AP) since 2001. Government of Telangana has issued GO.Ms.No.06 dated 17.03.2016 mentioning that EPTRI is nodal Agency for Clean Development Mechanism CDM and Centre for Climate Change and directed all the departments to inform EPTRI any information, data, project undertaken etc related to climate change, for mapping of the knowledge and data resources and for positioning of a data sharing policy framework for building strategic knowledge among the various arms of Government

The mission of the Telangana State Climate Change Centre/Cell (TSCCC) has been articulated to act as a functional knowledge hub, catering to the information and knowledge needs of policy makers, scientific community and general public on climate change issues.The Centre is supported by Department of Sceince and Technology (DST), Government of India


(EPTRI Office Building at Hyderabad)                                          Photo Credit: satish, TSCCC

The mission of TSCCC is to function as a knowledge hub catering to the information has knowledge needs to satisfys policy makers,scientific community and general public on climate change issues.


�To strengthen the State Climate Change Knowledge Management Cell with advanced research capabilities to take up Climate Change issues under DST (SCCC-DST).
�To build DATA - BANK and a knowledge repository for storing and retrieving Climate Change information at the state level to be useful to all sectoral line departments, institutes/universities, public etc.
� To establish a network with various stakeholders within the State.
� To develop in detail sector specific adaptation and mitigation strategies in sectors identified in TSAPCC.
� Assessment of risk and vulnerability due to climate change in the state through academic institutions.
� To develop capacity building for all relevant Departments of State Governments/stakeholders, to create awareness on climate change and develop capabilities to handle various issues.
� To conduct training programmes for all concerned Departments to develop a Climate Change Knowledge Portal for assisting decision makers in framing appropriate policy interventions in the activities of various Government Departments.

On-going Projects

� Resilient Agricultural Households through Adaptation to Climate change in Mahabubnagar and Nagar Kurnool districts, Telangana (RAH-ACT) under National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC), from Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change (MoEF & CC).
� EPTRI is preparing the State Specific Action Plan (SSAP) for water sector for Telangana State.
� Strenthening the State Climate Change Center/Cell under NMSKCCC(SCCC-NMSKCCC) in the State of Telangana.

Other Projects and Activities

� Increasing climatic resilience of urban water management system of Hyderabad (India).